Vision Quest Rites of Passage for Young Men – Turtle Lodge & Manitou Api, May 26 (6 pm Potluck Feast) to May 30, 2018

Vision Quest

It is true that all Men must be initiated by Woman to understand life’s sacredness. And so it is that a young man must seek a vision for himself and his community on a Vision Quest and be initiated by Mother Earth. 

The Vision Quest is a rite of passage conducted each spring that enables men and adolescent boys to engage in an ancient ceremony, assisting them in the transition from one life stage to the next, with purpose and meaning. Each year we make a call for young boys and men of any age who wish to experience their rite of passage, to participate in a Vision Quest to be initiated by the Earth. The boys and men take to the land and fast for their vision or dream while they are encouraged and watched over by the Elders. Any young men ages 12 and up, and men who never had the chance to do their Vision Quest, are welcome to join.

When is the next Vision Quest?

May 26 ( 6 pm Potluck Feast at Turtle Lodge) to May 30, 2018
Please bring a dish to share for the Feast May 26.

Where is the next Vision Quest?


We will begin at Turtle Lodge, Sagkeeng First Nation, Manitoba, with teachings and a sweat lodge.  The young men will depart from Turtle Lodge for Manitou Api to do their Vision Quest at the sacred site.  Following their Vision Quest, they will return to Turtle Lodge for final feasting and ceremony. Directions to Turtle Lodge Manito Api Sacred Site  at Bannock Point – Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba, Central Canada Directions to Manito Api
All young men are expected to camp (bring camping gear and tents) and stay onsite for the duration of the rites of passage.
Young men under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult male mentor who will be expected to stay close by and be there for the duration.  Mentors are also welcome to camp onsite.  A list of local accommodation for the mentors can also be found here: Accommodations near Manitou Api

Interested in participating in the Vision Quest 2018?

Please email to sign up. For more information download VISION QUEST 2018.

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